Current Trending Reels Songs and Sounds in July 2022

July 28, 2022
Trending reels songs: woman dancing

Looking for the perfect audio to use for your Instagram Reels? Check out our list of the top trending reels songs in 2022.

We know how difficult it is to find the top trending songs and sounds for Instagram Reels 2022. So, we've compiled the latest trending songs and sounds with a description of how they’re usually used, saving you hours of scrolling through TikTok trending playlists, Instagram reels, and hashtags trends on the explore page (you’re welcome).

Whether you're an influencer, content creator, or small business owner looking to get in the good graces of the Instagram algorithm, scroll through this roundup and find trending reels songs and original audio that work best for your content.

31 Trending Sounds for Instagram Reels 2022

Trending reels songs: person jumping

From the sound of a finger snapping to the acoustic intro of an indie band's first album, audio can be an excellent addition to your Instagram reel. Audio is a fun and easy way to set a mood, introduce clips, or accentuate a message. 

Some of thee Reels made with these sound clips and soundtrack music have thousands — if not tens of thousands — of views. The number of views is still climbing, which means there’s still a chance for your video to get great rankings. 

Others are brain drones (you know — those songs you can’t get out of your head), loved by tens of thousands of users, which means the algorithm looks favorably on videos with those sounds and promotes to people currently obsessed with them.

In no particular order, here are top trending sounds you can use on your next project. 

1. Listen Gen Z

Use this fun sound to tell your audience why they should follow a particular trend instead of another, or as you share a useful tip.

This sound is great for service/product-based content creators because you get to offer well-informed advice and pitch to potential customers or clients. 

2. Look at This

With this sound, you can highlight something you are proud of and would want people to see. Share your wins, projects, or handiwork.

3. Content

This audio is great when making an Instagram comeback after a brief absence. Play it over a sped up video of your start-to-finish art project.

4. So Don't 

Highlight a statement someone disagrees with and lip sync the words "so don't" to communicate social norms shouldn't always change you.

Content ideas: Use this as an end-of-discussion statement or a supporting statement, depending on the context.

5. Three Things You Need to Know

Using text-on-reels, highlight three lessons you want to share with your audience at the sound of each dial tone.

6. Music Intro

Use these fun opening lines of music to show your progress on a project, from brainstorming to the finished creation.

Other content ideas: Share an emotional story of your growing-up days, a life lesson, or a motivational daily reminder. 

7. M-O-M-M-Y

This sound is a great trend for all super-moms.

Play it over videos of moms cleaning up after kids and working from home while helping their children, or just sitting by a window and drinking tea. The sound is an emotional telling of how motherhood can take a toll on a person.

8. Train Interruption

Use this funny train interruption sound to share information about backhand responses you get when you try to talk about issues that affect you.

This sound goes great with text showing unsolicited questions and ignorant remarks you get when you try sharing information on a topic you are quite familiar with.

9. Epic Fail Audio

This audio is quite similar to the “low-iron check” trend. 

Share a video of an epic fail or a video of you falling asleep after spending hours in front of a screen. This is great for content centered around a sedentary lifestyle. 

10. Billie Eilish Voiceover

Billie Eilish's voiceover is trending with the words, “Everyone is going to die and no one is going to remember you so…”

The beat switches up at the end, and you can use the sound to create a switch-up or a before-meets-after effect.

11. “Take It Off”

This popular song by Kesha is associated with a 360-degree phone turn. This trend is impossible without implementing a trick, but by all means, have fun with it.

Content ideas: Play it in the background as you share helpful tips using text-on-reels with new points listed when the beat changes.

12. Wall Banging

This audio pairs well with a transition effect between walls. Use it to emphasize before-meets-after or an alter ego. It’s a great pick for fashion brands.

13. Low-Iron Check

This audio trend is an easy one to jump on if you’re running short of content ideas. This sound can be used when solely having fun with trends on Instagram reels.

Running low on iron? Remember to eat your vegetables, kids.

14. Look at Me

This audio goes great with a multi-camera-switch effect. Drop a “popular opinion” and turn swiftly to counter it with the truth.

15. The 12 People

Give a shout-out to your most faithful Instagram followers using this audio.

16. Tap Transition

Use this audio to share an epiphany, or use it as a transition sound for an epic transformation.

17. Stop, Drop, and Roll

This audio of “stop, drop, and roll” together with rapid phone movements to highlight epic transformations such as makeovers and fashion outfits.

18. “Stranger Things” Theme Song

This trending theme song goes great over a photo slide or video montage to create build-up and suspense. Any content creators can play the audio over a video of the process.

19. Before, After

With two words in this audio, sharing the transformation in your work process is the simple and classic implementation of before-meets-after.

20. Addict

Share your current addictions in this fun, ironic trend. Start with the initial text on reels, “I’m not addicted to anything,” and share things, features, or attributes you’re addicted to.

21. Please Don’t Go

Use this audio as you transition between locations and sceneries. This is great for travel content creators so you can share your tour clips in a fun way.

22. 3, 2, 1 … Bang

Use this countdown sound to build suspense for an epic reveal. 

Content ideas: The possibilities are endless — before-and-after, fashion outfit switch, makeovers, and more.

23. Have Both

Play this trending reels audio as you compare two favorable options and mimic deciding to choose both instead of making a single pick. 

Content ideas: Compare fashion items, food classes, or even your favorite products. Small business owners or service-based brands can use it to compare the quality of goods and the affordability of their products.

24. Be Aggressive

This low-key sound is relatable to everyone. The transition of “Old McDonald” into the “be aggressive” cheer chant mimics when you’re trying to focus on something, but your brain refuses to cooperate. 

Content ideas: Share fun footage of you trying and failing to concentrate on a subject. This could be when taking an online course, trying to come up with designs, or fumbling over your scripts in your next video-creation process. 

25. Holla

You can play this fun audio as you share pictures of yourself as a child, and after the words “WAIT A MINUTE” come up, switch to multiple pictures of you currently.

Great for birthday shoots or anniversary posts.

26. I Love Me

This audio goes great with a glam transition trend. 

Start with a nerdy look, and lip-sync the words, “I love me.” You start out mouthing “I love” but a distinct voice completes the sentence “me.” You disagree with the mention of “me” and mouth “eww.” Then transition to your glammed-up version, expressing confidence in your new look.

27. There Is a Chance

Use this sound to encourage people to take advantage of little rays of hope. It goes great with on-screen text about finding opportunities in mostly negative situations to turn it around (when your crush is single or your favorite company is hiring for a role you're skilled in).

28. That’s Not Normal

When you share a pet peeve or something most people think is normal but isn’t, play this sound. Make the message light-hearted and easygoing to come across as accepting, not critical or judgmental.

29. Tap Transition

Use this upbeat sound to transition between looks or location. 

For small business owners or service-based content creators, reels with this audio are great for sharing quick tutorials such as do’s and don’t about a topic in your niche. It’s upbeat and easily grabs the attention of your audience.

30. “About Damn Time” Remix

Use this sound to mirror a range of feelings, from short-term memory loss to trying to bootstrap a small business from your living room.

Content ideas: Try walking into a room and having no idea what you went in there to do in the first place, staring at a blank page at work, Monday morning reactions, or staring confusedly in the middle of the room.

31. Ele Pei

Use this trending high-energy sound to make dance videos, or put them with high-energy activities like hiking. 

Service-based content creators can create pointers around a topic or share information while grooving to the beat vibes.

19 Trending Songs for Instagram Reels

Trending reels songs: person listening to music using headphones

To get your creative juices flowing, here are 18 songs by popular artists that are currently trending on Instagram.

1. “Break My Soul” by Beyoncé

TikTok and Instagram have been in a renewed uproar over this song since Beyoncé joined Tiktok and tagged every single content creator who had used it.

Use this empowering song as an audio cover for your Instagram reels.

2. “Night Changes” Remix

The lyrics to this song say, “I hate how fast the time changes.” 

Whatever phase you are in, teenage years, adulthood, or parenthood, use this nostalgic song to mirror your reflections on the passing of time. 

Content idea: Play this song with a montage of happy memories. 

3. Watch This

Use Usher’s song “Confessions Part II” as you debunk public opinions or unsolicited advice from naysayers. People say you can’t do something, show them how you’re acing it.

Content ideas: Use text to debunk a common myth, or show the audience in your niche how they can tackle something they struggle with. 

4. “Toxic” + “Dark Horse” Remix

Play this song remix over your video while you get on with any activity. This audio can effortlessly match any content genre such as fashion, sports, and culinary.

5. “Cool Kids” Remix

Use this song as you share pictures of your progress or transformation. Appreciate how far you’ve come.

Content idea: Share photo slides from the beginnings of projects, then switch to the present to show how far along you’ve come. As a template idea, write any variation of “Middle school me would be proud of where she is at today.” 

6. “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush

This trending song was made popular as a fan favorite from “Stranger Things.”

Content idea: Play the audio over a video of you trying on clothes or doing something you love like making art or taking a run.

7. “If I Love You Was a Promise”

Use this slow tempo song to connect emotionally with your audience by creating content that evokes nostalgia.

Content idea: Share an emotional story that made or marred you, a montage of your favorite pictures of nature, or clips of you basking in nature.

8. “Vegas” by Doja Cat

Take advantage of this rock-and-roll trending song by Doja Cat. Use it as a background song to keep your audience captivated or play it over photo slides or video montage. 

9. “Say It Right” Remix

Nelly Furtado’s 2006 hit song “Say It Right” is making a comeback in 2022’s reels trend.

You can flip the phone at the drop of the beat as you transition between looks, facial reactions, or even locations. Or, play this song over video of your artistic project creations.

10. I’m an Addict 

This trending song is great for promoting obsessions, something you are good at, or something strange you can’t stop doing because it makes you unique.

Content ideas: Use this song with a video about healthy eating habits, a picture of your celebrity crush, or random facts about yourself or your personality. 

11. You’ve Got a Long Way to Go

Share your achievements on Reels with this song. Was there any time in your journey you felt you weren’t good enough? Write about some problems you went through before, and when the beat changes, share your current state.

12. “Somebody That I Used to Know”

Gotye’s 2020 ’80s-inspired hit song makes a comeback. Play this sound over a video montage or photo slides of some of your favorite memories.

13. “As It Was” Remix

Harry Styles’ “As It Was continues to slay hearts. This remix is great for anime lovers. Play the song clip over your photo slides or video montages. 

14. “What’s Poppin”

This song’s energetic lyrics, “Got a career, and I am very invested…some people call it a scary obsession,” pair great with content that shows your passion and enthusiasm for your job.

15. “Love Nwantiti” by Ckay

Although made popular as a TikTok trend, content creators on the Instagram app are making the best use of this afrobeats jam as background music.

16. “As It Was” by Harry Styles

With various remixes topping the trend table, Harry Styles’ “As It Was” takes its place at the top. Use this audio over photo slides or video montage.

17. “First Class” by Jack Harlow

A couple of months in and Jack Harlow’s “First Class” is still a top trending song. Use this audio over still images, video clips, and text. It’s great for showing off your portfolio or work.

18. “That’s What I Want” by Lil Nas x

Use this trending song by Lil Nas x as upbeat background audio to your most high-energy videos.

19. “Potion”

Use this catchy song by Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, and Young Thug as background music for your videos. It’s great for sharing DIYs and promoting beauty and fashion products.

Choose the Best Trending Reels Songs and Sounds for Your Content

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This trend report will give you some ideas on how to create more fun and engaging Instagram posts. Pick the right sound for the right mood, and don't be afraid to mix it up a little. When in doubt, go with a song or a sound you connect with. Chances are, your audience will feel the same way. 

If you’re looking to learn more about using Instagram like a pro, take a look at our previous post, “The Best Time to Post on Instagram Reels to Boost Views in 2022.”

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