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Chicago, United States

Jarcodes Productions is a podcast concept creation team as well as producer of the Hit shows "The Unsigned Countdown", and "The Underground Recap Sessions" Seeking to Promote Unsigned and Independent Metal Rock Punk and Alternative music. Streamed worldwide on iTunes and The Stitcher Smart Radio app. visit us at www.jarcodes.com, or search us on the web @Jarcodes. To submit a song please send an audio file of your song, a brief bio, and band links. Jarcode01@gmail.com

  • By Jarcodes (March 15, 2014, 1:34 p.m.)

    Jonathan Jaeger Founder at HypedSound, Director of Campaign Management at Zeta Interactive, New York, NY Hear the Full length Interview here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewoPVFn7wJg&feature=share Founder of Hypedsound https://www.hypedsound.com/hypedsound/ Personal Hypedsound Profile https://www.hypedsound.com/jonathan/# Jonathan on Twitter https://twitter.com/jonathanjaeger Jonathan and his blog http://jonathanjaeger.com Hypedsound on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/hypedsound

  • By Jarcodes (March 7, 2014, 1:13 p.m.)

    Welcome to Season #2 of The Unsigned Countdown! We are an internet radio show, broadcast, podcast, Free platform for the unsigned, or Independent, Metal, Rock, Alternative, and Punk Musician, band, or artist. In our first season we featured, reviewed, and interviewed over 100 musicians. We streamed our show across the planet and into tablets, phones, home PC's, car stereos, and more Using the Stitcher smart radio app, iTunes, SoundCloud.com, as well as our own website at Jarcodes.com. We've featured bands with 2 fans up to 20,000 fans. It doesn't matter to us we just love talking about music. Season two is going to be bigger and better, which brings us to your inbox right now. You've not only got some great music but we've noticed that you are becoming quite influential in the overall music community here. This is in no way a mass message bomb, and is not sent out to everybody. You're receiving this because we are seeking 100 great songs to be featured in our up coming sophomore season and we would love to include something from you. You work really hard on each song I'm sure so is there one track that you would like to be in the broadcast? So if the answer is yes, we will only ask you for a couple of things. Please email us an audio file of your song of choice to Jarcode01@gmail.com. Please include in the email a brief bio including information like Location, Genre, and Band links, We use this information in our Underground Recap Sessions in which we review and promote the songs and bands we feature, and we use the actual audio file in our software. We use tagging on SoundCloud, and Facebook to notify you when you're show feature is being aired, so please include those to sites in your band links. SoundClouder exclusive Submission group! If you are on SoundCloud adding your song to the show could not be easier. Simply join this group "soundcloud.com/groups/soundclouder-submission-portal". Now whenever you upload a track you think we should here, download, and share on air, add it to the group. If you do we only ask that you enable downloads, again so we can have an audio file, and please add the above requested info into your song description. The second thing we ask is that you share this with other great bands that your aware of. What we've created is nothing without the music and we want to continue to grow our community. Thanks. Thats about it. Thank you very much for your consideration We look forward to talking with you soon Your friends at The Unsigned Countdown.


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