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Sharing what makes you, you, just got a whole lot easier. Meet the HYPE Card, a modern business card for today’s creator.

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Accelerate your business with a mobile website, a lightweight CRM, SMS + email messaging, and more.

Mobile website builder
Mobile website builder

Create a personalized website ready for any link-in-bio from your phone. Showcase your links and handles. Add signup forms, embed videos, music, and more.


SMS and email blasts
SMS and email blasts

Take your followers off-platform with text and email blasts. Drop merch, notify followers when you go live, or just say hi.


Collect emails and phone numbers from fans
Collect emails and phone numbers from fans

Build an off-platform audience with drag-and-drop forms. Collect contact information and organize your audience with rich segmentation.


Collect tips and payment
Collect tips and payment

Share a link to collect recurring or one-time tips and payment. Sell services and newsletters with a single link.


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  • Link-in-Bio
  • Dynamic Content Links
  • Custom Themes
  • Design Customization Options
  • Multiple Pages**


  • Unlimited Taps
  • NFC Technology
  • Custom Tap Redirect**


  • Enterprise Speed
  • Advanced Filters
  • Smart Segmentation
  • Customer Profiles
  • Import & Export Contacts


  • Bulk SMS Messaging
  • Bulk Email Messaging


  • One-time and Recurring Tips
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay Support


  • Direct Payment Links
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay Support

All for just $5/month.
Cancel anytime.

**Add-ons required.

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