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Ikeja, Nigeria

Popularly known worldwide as Nigeria's King of Soul music, Soul E Baba was born in the oil-rich(Delta) region of Nigeria. His musical career started at the young age of 8yrs when he was known to open crusades for his father. At 13yrs, he joined a group called 'Honey Voices' and went on to start a group called 'Soul Brothers' alongside 'Soul T' and 'Soul D'. At the teenage age of 21, he signed a record deal with 'Colossal Entertainment' from whence his first album titled 'Naija Is Blessed' was released with his hit song being 'Soule Baba Dey Here'. Soul-e has created a niche for himself in the Nigerian music industry with his unique and smooth voice as well as dynamic performances which as hell touches your soul. He has various albums to his credit. Some of which are: 'Naija Is Blessed'; 2006. 'Excellency 1'; 2007. 'Excellency 2'; 2007. The king of soul music can boast of several awards too numerous to mention to his credit. Here's to name but a few listed below: 1. Gbedu Awards for 'Most Creative Act' (2008). 2. Kanbitoons Special Award for Excellence. 3. Teens Favorite Video. 4. D'Love Villa Award for 'Most Inspiring Songwriter of the Year'. 5. D'Love Villa Award for 'Best Male Vocal'. 6. Dream & Become Intl' Award for 'Most Versatile Act'. 7. Dream & Become Intl' Award for 'Entertainer of The Year' (2007). 8. Hip-hop Revolution Award. 9. Gbedu Award for 'Best Music Video'. 10. Doel Entertainment Award for 'Excellence'. 11. Successville Intl' Award for 'Best New Act'. 12. Successville Intl' Award for 'Video of The Year'. 13. Nigezie Award for 'Artist of The Month. E.t.c... Others worthy of note to buttress Soul-E's capabilities are his International/Local Collabos: 1. Soul E and Wonderous; Overcomer (Houston, Texas) 2005. 2. Soul-E and Ghost Writers; Street Life (Houston, Texas) 2005. 3. Tu Face and Soul-E; E be like say (Nigeria) 2006. 4. Soul-E and Koldproduck; Rock this party (South Africa) 2007. 5. Soul-E and Kokoveli; You got your life (Ghana) 2008. 6. Rough and Smooth Feat. Soul-E; Mona Lisa (Ghana) 2008. 7. Soul-E Feat. Takara; Ayele (New York) 2006. 8. 360Degrees Feat. Soul-E; Pepe Rest (Nigeria). 9. Jesse Jagz Feat. Soul-E and WizKid; Intoxicated (Nigeria) 2010. 10. Mackssime Feat Soul-E; Don't Let Go. Etc...


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