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At the mercy of the Etsy algorithm for traffic? Showcase and market your products directly to your customers. No added fees, no tricks, just your audience under your control.

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Pico is THE sellers' all-in-one marketing platform. Replace dozens of tools with one dashboard that delivers tactical recommendations personalized to your shop.

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Monetize on your terms. Link directly to Etsy listings, sell memberships, or collect payments directly from visitors with tips.

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“Content creation started out as a side hustle and has now become my main source of income.”

@renovatingourhome a full-time middle school teacher in Los Angeles, and now she is a full-time content creator after her TikTok videos of renovating her new home went viral.

+113% Pageviews

“Pico easily allows followers to sign up for text alerts from their favorite creators so that they can stay connected.”

@tokizabeth uses comedy to entertain her followers and works with various brands as a digital creator.

+25% Contacts

“I have been able to book more partnerships because of the analytics I can share with brands!”

@iamalicianoelle is a wife and mother who uses her social media expertise to help others grow their following and become thought leaders in their niche.

+50% Contacts

“It is so easy to set up. I love how I can connect with my audience on a more personal level by text.”

@katrinalebar teaches entrepreneurs and coaches how to leverage Instagram to build a successful business.

+66% Contacts

“Pico has changed the game for me as a full-time content creator.”

@thesocialmediaoga is a Social Media Clarity coach who helps her audience to understand how to use social media to meet their goals.

+275% Pageviews

“Setting up my page took less than 10 minutes, and helps me keep my followers in the loop about my business.”

@kolimarksmedia inspires her audience through motivational, transparent, and educational content about how to get monthly brand deals and UGC leads.

+108% Contacts

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Skip the feed with a text. Share product news, updates, and promotions with an industry-leading 98% open rate.


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Apple won’t let us say it, but we got it. Take your business to the next level with a host of integrations, built-in and ready to go.

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